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Keeping Perspective on Your Wedding Day

“We’ll make the most of a crappy situation”

This is a text that nobody ever wants to receive from a couple. However, it was what I received from Krystal and Nathan, just two days before their highly anticipated wedding at the Grand Willow Inn. Imagine their dismay when they woke up that morning to discover that their car, carrying all their personal touches and cherished decorations for the big day, had been stolen. My heart sank as I read their message, feeling their devastation as if it were my own.

Refusing to let dismay linger, I immediately reassured Krystal and Nathan that everything would work out beautifully. Yes, their car may have been taken, but they were safe, and together we would transform the remaining details into something extraordinary. Their wedding gallery would be a cherished collection of memories, devoid of any sense of loss.

As I drove up to the venue, I mentally prepared myself to be an uplifting presence for a couple who had experienced a profound disappointment. But to my amazement, when I entered the room where Krystal was getting ready, I found her radiating an incredible sense of calmness and excitement for the day.

Throughout their wedding, not once did I hear either of them utter a phrase like, “Oh, I wish we had our cake topper,” or “I really regret not wearing those shoes.” Instead, their conversations were filled with heartfelt compliments like, “You look absolutely stunning!” and joyous exclamations such as, “That was so much fun!” Laughter was abundant, and their spirits were high.

Reflecting on Krystal and Nathan’s wedding day, I came to realize the importance of perspective when it comes to celebrating your love on such a momentous occasion. Countless unforeseen obstacles can arise, threatening to derail any wedding: mishaps with vendors, unfavorable weather conditions, or even unexpected illnesses. Yet, at the core of it all, a wedding is a joyous tribute to the love shared between two souls, which is worth so much more than the sum of its decorative parts.

While I may not remember every shade of purple that adorned their wedding (and believe me, there were countless shades), what will forever be etched in my memory is the look of pure awe on Nathan’s face as he caught sight of Krystal descending the staircase towards their ceremony or the tender tears that Krystal and her father shared in the morning. These are the moments that cannot be stolen, the memories that endure.

When we celebrate love, it is not the material things or perfectly matching tablecloths and napkins that define the day. Instead, it is the laughter, the tears of joy, and the heartfelt expressions of affection that make a wedding an unforgettable celebration of love.

Here is what Krystal and Nathan had to say about working with me on their wedding day:

“If I could do more than 5 stars, I would; she deserves it! From the first conversations with her to the engagement session, wedding day, and everything in between; my husband and I have felt more and more of a connection with Ashley. She is personable and so great at what she does. I’m a sentimental person, so photos are important to me; she captured the emotions to a T. My husband and I have agreed we’ll seek Ashley out for any professional photoshoots we want in the future. She’s our photographer and friend for life; that’s just how amazing she is. ❤️”

Vendors for this real wedding include:
Venue: The Grand Willow Inn
Officiant: David Cooper, Forever Together Seattle
Hair + Makeup: Salon Maison
Florals: sourced from Precious Gem Dahlia Farm
Catering: La Conner Seafood and Prime Rib House
Dessert: Salty’s on Alki and Sugar n’ Flakes Bakery
DJ: Sounds Unlimited

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