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Deception Pass Engagement Session || Lynise + Alex

a couple posing together on the beach for their engagement session at Deception Pass State Park

In crafting the perfect engagement session, capturing the essence of a couple’s connection is important. For Lynise and Alex, this meant embracing candid moments amidst breathtaking outdoor landscapes and the warm glow of natural light. However, with the challenges of winter and spring limiting outdoor options, finding the ideal location became a pivotal decision. After careful consideration, Lynise and Alex found their perfect backdrop at Deception Pass State Park. This choice held personal significance and offered a blend of beauty, accessibility, and seasonal charm.

Authenticity is at the heart of the best engagement sessions. One rule I let all of my couples in on at the start of our sessions is that if you feel uncomfortable, you will look uncomfortable. When choosing their location and outfits, Lynise and Alex thought of their favorite dates and activities.

Deception Pass State Park holds a special place in the hearts of many for engagement sessions, including mine. Its timeless beauty remains unyielding throughout the year, and its accessibility, devoid of lengthy hikes, makes it a top contender. While weather can be unpredictable during darker months, proper preparation ensures that every moment is captured, rain or shine.

What truly sets Deception Pass State Park apart is its immersive experience. From playful seals to majestic bald eagles, the park’s wildlife often becomes unexpected guests, infusing each photo with a unique charm. Additionally, for couples eager to include their furry friends, the park provides an idyllic backdrop for capturing cherished moments with their beloved pets.

Consider Deception Pass State Park for your engagement session—I would be thrilled to capture its beauty through my lens! Unsure about what to wear? Snag my guide to planning your engagement session outfits for some inspiration.

Despite the light mist of rain—a quintessential Pacific Northwest experience—their session exuded a captivating, moody vibe that only added to the magic. Now, let’s delve into some highlights from Lynise and Alex’s enchanting engagement session:

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